Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's tough playing second fiddle

Clearly, Buddy has taken a backseat since Mary Clare hit the scene. For the most part, he's handled his second-class citizen status with gentleness and grace. (Well, as much gentleness and grace as you can expect from a 70-pound Lab who chases floaters and is constantly underfoot.) Despite the rare walks and tennis ball games cut short by a crying baby, he still cuddles up by us and makes sure he's in the car when we leave my parents' house in the country.

In addition to our lack of attention, Buddy now has to deal with Mary Clare's increasing attention. She swipes at his tail, grabs his fur and frequently uses him as a climbing toy. Which is why, when I promised Buddy a treat last night, you can imagine how guilty I felt when I went to the treat jar and it was completely empty. I fished around in his toy basket hoping for a stale Scooby snack and came up short as well. As I fumbled around inside the cabinet, Buddy patiently sat, tail swooshing on the floor and a slow trail of drool gathering at the corner of his mouth. I couldn't bring myself to disappoint him once again.

Chip, of course, was laughing at my attempts to scrounge up a treat. But I was determined. I marched over to the pantry and started rifling through the dry goods.

"Croutons? You're going to give Buddy croutons?"

I did. And he loved them. And hopefully us, too, for one more day.

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