Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pretty little pumpkin

Mary Clare made her first trip to the Klostermann-Landmann family farm this past weekend. My cousin Kris grows these amazing pumpkins and gourds -- seriously, I never knew there were so many varieties -- and she was nice enough to let my mom, Mary Clare and I pop in for a visit. And a photo shoot, of course. There was a torrential downpour moments before we arrived, but never fear, Kris had tucked an entire wagon of pumpkins away in the machine shed so everyone remained dry and happy.

Click here for all the pumpkin shots you can handle.


  1. Beautiful as always! Can't wait to see you again my sweet little MC!

    Aunt Sherri

  2. What a cute little pumpkin she is!! I love the shot of her putting straw in her mouth...a country bumpkin at heart:-) I'm so glad I can now comment about how completely adorable MC is (but will probably leave out how completely hilarious you are!)



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