Thursday, August 13, 2009

Totally pea-ved

We had some serious dinner drama go down at the house tonight.

Peas and sweet potatoes were on the menu and oh my word, Mary Clare was angry. But hungry! No, angry! Wait, make that happy! Hungry! Angry! Happy! When she wasn't screaming at me, blowing pea-infused raspberries all over her tray, demanding another bite or rubbing her face in frustration (hello, Grandpa Thole!), she was busy looking for Jeff Tweedy. Yep, Jeff Tweedy, lead singer of Wilco. I thought playing some Wilco on the iPod would make for nice dinner music, but all it did was thoroughly confuse her. Every time a new song started Mary Clare would whip her head to the side and stare at the dining room door, as if expecting Jeff Tweedy to stroll through it at any minute. The fact that this mysterious singer never produced himself really hacked her off good and proper.

After finishing the vegetable course, I redeemed myself by producing a lovely dessert of mashed banana and cantaloupe. Even Buddy was pleased with that selection, as he always gets the end chunk of banana. (The banana butt, if you will.) Mary Clare snarfed down her fruit as if the pea incident had never happened. After a serious scrubbing in the bath, all was right in the world again.

Oh, and lest you doting aunts and grandmothers think I'm exaggerating, I have photographic proof.

I'm seriously pea-ssed about tonight's dinner.
And don't even get me started on all the bad "pea" puns.

I know you're in there, Jeff Tweedy. I can hear you.
I demand you show your face!

Yes, yes. I'm quite pleased with tonight's performance. Let's plan to do this again soon. Oh, and see if that nice Ray LaMontagne can join us next time. That Jeff Tweedy was a real jerk.

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