Monday, August 10, 2009

Martha's garage sale

So, the Hehmeyers are hosting a garage sale this Saturday. Bless them, as this allows me to unload some of the junk Chip and I unearthed from the Rubbermaid bins that occupy our basement. Aside from the grime and griping that goes with putting together a garage sale, I must say that Amanda has made this process most entertaining. This morning we fired a few bulleted lists back and forth, as well as some inane emails about ladders that would make our husbands cry from shame. Just moments ago, I received this message:

I am in the kitchen giggling because I am tying bows on the baskets of stuff for the garage sale.

Honestly, this doesn't surprise me in the least. This is Amanda we're talking about, people. I can also guarantee you that the garage sale signs will be beautifully lettered, and possibly backed by a nice 80# linen card stock in a rich summer hue. Tethered to each sign will be balloons in complementary shades. It should be noted that Amanda will only use balloons after Rob quashes her plans of placing a bouquet of fresh flowers at the base of each sign. Guests of the sale -- not garage salers, mind you -- will likely be greeted by a linen-covered table with heaping baskets of homemade muffins for guests to nosh on while they peruse our wares. Oh, and everyone leaving the garage salon (sale is such a tacky word, no?) will leave with one of Amanda's famous hand-dipped chocolate- and caramel-covered pretzel sticks.

Price of hosting a garage sale? $250. Only breaking even, but putting on a garage sale that will have the neighbors talking for years? Priceless.

It's good to be Amanda's friend.


  1. Very funny smarty pants. Do you think the tables should be covered in matching cloths? (plastic $1 store cloths, of course)

  2. Can't Amanda make her cinnamon rolls that I've been dying to try? That would entice this shopper over to the garage salon....


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