Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I really have nothing in particular to say, but in the Facebook spirit of sharing even the most mundane details of daily life, I am compelled to share. Share details. Lots and lots of details. About what I ate for breakfast even. So, sorry, mom. No cute pictures of Mary Clare. Just your firstborn exploiting the fact that it's her blog, and she can do what she wants.

So, here we go. In no particular order, of course.

*Chip was in Chicago this week for business, so I had my first solo parenting experience. Mary Clare, Buddy and I all survived. Honestly, it really wasn't that bad, mostly because I knew I could have a complete set of grandparents delivered to my doorstep in one hour should the need arise. The grandparent backup is key.

*I was starving when I arrived at work this morning. I knew my yogurt wouldn't cut it, so I bumped my lunch up to breakfast status and enjoyed a tasty slice of meatloaf at 8:15 a.m. It was delicious and oh so satisfying.

*I am on furlough from work next week. Boo to not getting paid that week, but yea to some quality time with Mary Clare. Chip is even taking a vacation one day so we can dive into all those neatly stacked Rubbermaid containers lining our basement walls and see what we can stand to lose. I am ready to purge.

*If you're in St. Louis on August 15 and have ever thought, my, but what I wouldn't give to have some of Amanda's and Debbie's castoffs, then you should totally hit the yard sale we are having at the Hehmeyer's house.

Sadly (or finally, depending on how you look at it), that is all I have to share right now. Looking forward to a nice weekend with the fam as I coast into a busy, but work-free week.

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