Friday, July 24, 2009

A powerful thirst

Having snagged a reserved parking spot today, I decided to make a mad mid-day trek to Sam's instead of hitting it after work. I could say I did it to avoid the 5 o'clock Friday crowd, but really, I just wanted to shave 30 minutes off the time from when I log off to when I sip that first cocktail of the weekend. I love summer, and I love summer Fridays.

Speaking of drinks, I picked up something to quench each family member's thirst. You have to love it when the carts around you are filled with the makings for a family barbecue and your cart contains two cans of formula, a case of Schlafly and a bottle of Maker's Mark.

Oh, and lest you think I left out Buddy, I did pick up a bunch of bananas as well. He loves the ends.

Clearly, it is going to be a good weekend on Botanical.

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