Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So I married a golf hustler

Okay, so he doesn't hustle alone, and it's for charity, and it's not really hustling, but come on already. For those who remember last year's Show for Tro, you will be pleased to know that Chip, Tyler, Brian and Jeff (with a special assist by Matt*) won that same darn golf tournament again this year.

While the Carmine's gift certificate is certainly a treat and the Jagermeister polo shirt will look great on Buddy, I must admit that when Chip came in the door Sunday night and announced that they won the golf tournament again, I thought, oh crap, how can I beat last year's "Boastfest of Champions" post?

Thankfully, Tyler made it easy for me by creating another one of his smashing pieces of artwork.

And now, without further ado, Team Botanical would like to formally congratulate Jeff Brasier, Tyler Oleksy, Brian Rheinecker and Chip Lindh for winning a golf tournament that benefits some charity that's somehow tied to football scholarships. Yep, two years now, and they still don't know exactly where the money goes. Apparently their altruism knows no bounds when golf and beer are involved.

And now I'm off to scout out other southern Illinois charity golf tournaments, as I think the boys clearly have the potential to pull in some sweet gift certificates and golf swag.

*Matt had to miss this year's tournament as he's on a family vacation in Florida. I still can't believe he didn't ask Laura's entire extended family to schedule around the tournament. Talk about having your priorities out of whack.

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