Monday, June 22, 2009

Stop me if you've heard this one

A mom walks into a liquor super store on a busy Friday, baby carrier in tow, and the girl handing out the Patron tequila samples makes eye contact and then quickly looks away. Without offering a sample.

I know!

I mean, for all she knew, everyone else sampling away could have had a baby waiting out in the car. But no, because I'm the good mom who brings my baby into the liquor store with me so we can share this special experience, I don't get offered a sample. But I did probably get judged.

Oh, cringe if you must, but when it comes down to bringing your baby to a liquor store or leaving her at daycare for an extra 45 minutes, most moms will opt to bring the baby booze shopping. Okay, maybe not most moms, and definitely not my mom, but this mom thought hitting Randall's instead of staying at daycare was the lesser of two evils.

Besides, it was to get Chip's father's day gift. So that makes it okay.

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