Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pool boy

Yesterday Sherri picked up Hunter and Holly's new pool for the summer. Yes, they get a new wading pool every summer. It pays to be a purebred.

Being the efficient multitasking mother that she is, Sherri decided to let Brennan man the hose so she could fill the pool and knock out B's evening bath in one fell swoop. I kid. What did, happen, however, was endlessly entertaining. Brennan was delighted that he could get everything wet, and the dogs were thrilled that their new pool had finally arrived. Sherri said it got really good when Hunter and Holly finally deigned the pool worthy of their attention, as Brennan would squeal and laugh every time they shook or dug at the bottom of the pool. Sigh. It's so good to see the kids getting along so well.

A video of the madness is below, and you can click here for more photos of the pool boy and pups in action.

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