Friday, June 5, 2009

Our baptized beauty

Last Sunday we celebrated Mary Clare's baptism. It was a wonderful day. The weather was beautiful, all of our family and friends were gathered together, and Mary Clare was resplendent in a gorgeous gown my mom made for her.

(I know. I'm gushing. Sadly, it doesn't end here.)

Mary Clare's baptism followed the mass, but Fr. Tom was kind enough to incorporate her baptism into his homily and the petitions, among other things. Fr. Tom married Chip and I, and he made a point of saying that we are the first couple at St. Margaret's that he has married, and then baptized their child. She's truly an SMOS kid! I admit it, I teared up.
Chip and I are lucky to have a parish where we feel so comfortable and welcomed. Both Deacon Joe and Fr. Tom did a spectacular job of making Mary Clare's special day even more special.

It was a long day, but Mary Clare was a champ. A binkie was firmly in place during the baptism itself, but she didn't cry one bit. She did, however, drop her binkie into the baptismal font. Good stuff. Following the baptism, everyone came over to our house for lunch. My mom outdid herself once again, making a good chunk of the side dishes and all of the desserts. Amanda, ever the travel director and perfect hostess, came over to our house early to get everything set up so things were ready to go when the first guest crossed our threshold. She's too good for words. And the star of the day? She slept through the entire lunch. It was a well-deserved nap, indeed.

Click here for more pictures of the newest Catholic on the block.

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