Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Take cover

As we packed up to leave this morning, Chip was convinced that Mary Clare had done some business. So I checked. And checked again. Despite passing both my sniff and peek tests, Chip insisted something was amiss down under. I finally just told him to change her, which he did.

I can't blame him for being paranoid. Changing a dirty at school is a bit of a pain, as you have to clean the changing pad with three different solutions, and even though the bottles are numbered, you still feel like you're doing something wrong and if everyone else in the class gets sick, it will be all your fault. Did you hear me? ALL YOUR FAULT!

So ... fast forward to this afternoon.

Me: How was the drop off this morning?

Chip: Fine, other than the fact that she was a dirty dog.

Me: Dirty dog? Oh, did she end up filling her drawers?

Chip: Yeah, I guess those were just some warning shots she fired over the bow before mounting the full assault in the car.

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  1. I like when they put on latex gloves to change the poopy diapers. I always thought that was a little extreme until the first time my hand got smeared with poo because of a squirmy kid.


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