Thursday, May 7, 2009

I swore this wouldn't happen

The middle room is infested with baby gear. Laugh if you must, but this was probably the one thing I most dreaded about having a baby -- plastic gear lined up on a wall in our home.

There are only so many places to stash three-foot wide plastic entertainment centers, and Chip would kill me if he had to retrieve something from the basement every time Mary Clare wanted to exer-sauce her pants off, so here we are. Surrounded by gear. I also have baskets of toys tucked in various corners, and well, they're starting to creep out of their respective homes. Clearly, a new solution is in order. I'm thinking I might clear the television out of the armoire and load it up with toys. Who am I kidding, though? Even that behemoth piece of furniture isn't big enough for all of Mary Clare's rattles, seats and blankets. And that's just what we've acquired in the past four months.

Sigh. Only eighteen more years to go, and we'll have our house back.


  1. comes with the territory. I have various baby doll accessories living under my piano - permanently.

  2. When the baby stuff starts phasing out, you end up with other stuff. (Am sure Dora and Barbies and plastic babydoll strollers are in your future. heehee. I step on plastic Star Wars figures all of the time. And I accidentally mowed a different toy over last week.


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