Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hooded in the hood

For whatever reason, Chip is highly entertained whenever I put Mary Clare in some sort of jogging outfit. I realize that yes, she's not going be doing anything to work up a sweat, but hey, that doesn't stop me from putting on sweatpants the second I get home each night.

Anyways ... I thought Miss Mary Clare looked so cute this morning that I had to snap a picture before she and Chip left the house. She was a little sleepy, having spent 30 solid minutes batting the hell out of the butterflies on her play mat, but she rose to the occasion. That's my girl.

As I wrapped up the shoot and put her in her car seat, Chip asked if she had anything on under her jacket in case she got warm. "Of course," I confidently replied. "Her Wednesday onesie." Silence. "Oh, crap. It's Thursday, isn't it?"

Oh well, two hump days never hurt anyone.

Click here for a few more of our little thug's Thursday morning photo session.

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  1. Had to peek in to see if Lily could kick Mary Clare's butt and yes, she sure could. Lily's weighing in at just over 14 lbs. at 12 weeks. Reminds me of the first time Ellie and Emma L met. Ellie was a total hippo.


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