Monday, May 25, 2009

Five months

Forgive Mary Clare if she looks a bit smug, but if you had a month like she did, you would feel pretty proud of yourself as well. This past month brought another new batch of developments, all of which we find endlessly fascinating, of course. She stands with our help, sits in her bumbo chair, grabs at everything in sight, gnaws on her hands and toys, rotates herself 360 degrees when laid on her back, yammers up a storm and even eats rice cereal. I use the term "eat" loosely, mind you.

Last week Mary Clare started rolling from her back to her front, and she'll go back and forth between the two, but we've yet to see her take off rolling down the carpet. All in good time, I'm sure. She is constantly reaching for things, and once she gets ahold of something, look out. She really likes to dig into cheeks and go after hair -- and fur. Just ask Buddy.

Being the suckers that we are, we are entertained and enchanted by everything Mary Clare does. I have no problem making a complete and utter fool of myself if it will make her laugh. Just ask the people in Sam's last Thursday who saw me saying "Schicken! Schicken!" as I walked throughout the store.

Click here for all of the photos from Mary Clare's fifth month.

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