Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Coming to a field near you

Since Brennan can't get into enough precarious situations on his own, he now needs a motorized toy to ride into harm's way.

I must admit, I scoffed when Brian declared Brennan's motorized four-wheeler no longer "powerful enough," but upon seeing Brennan drive his new John Deere tractor around my parents' yard, I bit. It's pretty stinking cute. Yes, it's potentially worrisome that he sometimes drives the tractor while standing on the sideboard with one foot on the gas, and sure, he can't really steer, but when it comes to the entertainment factor, he has this gig down pat.

On Sunday we spent a good hour just watching Brennan tool around the yard. He would get on, drive for a bit, hop off, circle around and then get back on and ride some more. The only time we intervened was when he headed for the neighbor's house and we all realized, hey, he doesn't know how to stop, does he? My favorite part, of course, is that Sherri refers to the scoop on the front as a dog-pusher. Look out, Hunter and Holly. There's a new farmer in town, and he doesn't have a care in the world.

Click here for more of farmer Brennan in action.

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