Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Making fifth disease look good

Considering Mary Clare is now a daycare baby, I really shouldn't be making light of childhood ailments, but I have to say, my nephew Brennan sure does come up with some humdingers. Last summer he had a case of the horribly-named hand, foot and mouth, which Chip still refers to as hoof and mouth. Now it looks like poor little B has fifth disease. While Sherri had a momentary panic when Brian called and said the reason for Brennan's fever and fussiness was because of something called a disease, a quick Google search confirmed that it is actually just a rash caused by a virus. So, sweet little B is now sporting the "slapped cheek" look. It's very chic this year.

Luckily this latest virus hasn't slowed him down, and Sherri was able to get some pictures of him walking -- yes, walking -- yesterday. Click here for more of the squawker (and pointer) in action. I think the bright pink cheeks make me love him even more.

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