Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The KC cousin

We had a jolly old time in Kansas City this past weekend. Brennan was the consummate host, showing Mary Clare around the shopping plaza and giving her lots of love pounds. Love pounds, you ask? Yes, that's correct. Love pounds. I would love to call them love pats, but until Brennan masters the "gentle" concept, I think we're stuck with the pounds.

All in all, it was a great visit, and despite shooting Mary Clare a few dirty looks, I do think B loves his little cousin. For instance, he
made sure that Mary Clare had her binkie in place while Sherri changed her diaper. Yes, he was quite adamant that it go in her mouth, no matter how much grunting and pushing it took to get it there. He's a helper, that one. B even took a few steps in honor of her visit. The boy walks, but only on his own terms. The secret to his walking success is that when he walks independently, he doesn't actually know he's doing it. Hence, it's important not to make a big fuss whenever he takes a few steps, so no loud celebrating, thank you very much. The solution? Golf claps. When Brennan took some steps on Saturday night, Brian, Sherri and I sat there and gave him a nice round of golf claps. Absurd, yet appropriate.

To see more pictures of B in the bath and the cousin photo shoot, click here and view 'itil you can view no more.

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