Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two much

My, how time flies when you're two months old and your mom spends all her time taking your picture and coming up with really bad puns for her blog posts.

When she's not posing for pictures, Mary Clare continues to entertain us with lots of cooing, gurgling, smiles and what Chip likes to call her bitter beer face, which is really just a finely executed pout. Bath time is a favorite, and I busted out her play mat the other day so she could hurl herself around on it for a bit. Nothing but the best for our girl.

There are more photos from the entire month on our Flickr page, so click here if you want to see how Mary Clare spends her time.


  1. Little Mary Clare your smile just brought me a huge grin. You are my favorite 2 month old in the whole world today! Tell your mama how you want me to come over and play. Let's set a date.


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