Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The sweater song

I like sweaters. The chunkier the better. That's right, give me all the cabled goodness you've got, Gap. I can take it.

My latest obsession is wrap- and cardigan-style sweaters. Chip, I'm sad to say, does not share my love for these styles of sweaters. Or sweaters in general, for that matter. He's called me grandma a few times and even referred to a new favorite as a belted bath rug. The comments don't bother me, though. After all, they come from a man who depends on me to pick out his shirt and tie every day.

I picked up another cabled cardigan wonder today, and fool that I am, I tried it on for Chip. He took one look at me and started singing.

"Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won't you be my neighbor?"

That's right. The guy with the rotten memory suddenly pulled the Mr. Rogers song out of thin air.

I turned on my heel and headed out of the room, only to hear him say, "You know, just because we ate at the Olive Garden today with all the blue hairs, it doesn't mean we need to start dressing like them."


  1. The best part was that after he made the blue hair comment, he asked me to mix him another cocktail because he was holding Mary Clare. Seriously.


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