Thursday, January 15, 2009

A weak attempt, for sure

Alas, I have neglected the blog. It turns out that everyone was right, and newborns can be kind of demanding. I certainly did not expect this from my child, given how I am known for my calm, laid back demeanor. Darn that Chip. I bet she got it from him.

So, yes, this may technically count as a post, but let's be frank ... I'm really just using this entry to post photos of our little girl. And, as you may have suspected, there are a lot of photos. Consider yourself warned.

Without further ado, I am pleased to offer you two fabulous sets. Those who would like to relive Mary Clare's first days at St. John's are invited to click here. Not into the first five days? Then click here to see what life on Botanical has been like for our little bird.

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