Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mary Clare's first month

Today is Mary Clare's one month birthday, and what better way to commemorate this event than with a photo shoot? Following in the footsteps of her friends Xavier and Kate, and her cousin Brennan, I made a sign for her very first monthly photo session.

Sorry, no stenciled numbers like Sherri made for Brennan, but rather something I hastily scribbled off in the office. I did, however, take the time to add cutesy little sorority girl dots to the ends of each letter. That's right -- I took the extra two minutes to give my girl dots. Because of the love. I may not own a stencil set, but I can fancy it up with the best of my Greek brethren. Stay tuned for next month's puff-paint poster.

Now let's give our girl some snaps. One month is a big stinkin' deal when you only weigh eight pounds or so.


  1. *snaps* Way to go Mary Clare! One month old...don't they grow up so fast?

  2. Happy one month birthday Mary Clare. You and your sign are adorable. Hope to see you soon -- miss you and your mommy!

  3. Snaps! I love it-haven't thought about doing that in a long while!

    Mary Clare, You are just adorable. Between your little snowflake jammies and your mommy's dotted sign you are one lucky kiddo!

  4. Funny thing about the snaps ...

    Chip read the post and the comments, and thought that the snaps came from that Wendy's commercial where the guy says, "Aww, snap!" I had to tell him that snaps are the way sorority girls cheer/clap during chapter. I even had to demonstrate for him. Apparently they didn't do that at the Pike house.

  5. You call me when that two month sign needs to be made. Just give me enough notice so the puff paint can dry! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!


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