Monday, January 19, 2009

Buddy the big brother

Chip and I both knew Buddy would take to big brotherhood like a Lab takes to water. He has, without a doubt, exceeded even our highest expectations.

Any unexpected noise or knock at the door is met with a big boy bark and a thorough inspection. Currently, the worst offender is the mail, which has the nerve to show up every single day. Buddy typically camps out wherever Mary Clare is resting, whether she's in her chair or being held by someone. On occasion he even accompanies me to the nursery for the late-night feedings. He regularly treats Mary Clare to a thorough sniffing and manages to sneak in the occasional kiss. When Mary Clare's not in her papasan chair or swing, he likes to give both of those items a good sniffing over. I like to think he's checking for anything that might cause his little sister harm. After all, no one should have to take a misplaced binkie in the bum.

Granted, Buddy has taken advantage of our appreciation (and guilt) by lounging on any and all pieces of furniture that suit his fancy, and the begging has reached critical mass. I can't get out of the kitchen without giving him the last bite of my banana, and he has convinced everyone else in our family that he should have the end of their bananas as well. The amount of drool that appears on the floor during our mealtime is astounding; I fear that he might become dehydrated.

Nevertheless, the good outweighs the bad, and Mary Clare is fortunate to have such a wonderful big brother. Even if he does smell a little funky right now.


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