Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One content baby

Clearly, I am an excellent hostess, because Baby Lindh is showing zero interest in leaving the cozy little womb he/she has called home for the past nine months.

Before going to yesterday's weekly appointment, I was convinced that Dr. Simckes would take one look and me and say, "Get over to St. John's, stat." I was so certain this would happen, I asked Chip to bring our hospital bags with him to the appointment. I think we both knew that doing so would jinx us, but good sport that he is, Chip hauled all of the bags out to the car (and even made a last-minute outfit switch for me), and then quietly hauled them all back inside when we returned home.

While I appreciate that he didn't say "I told you so," it really was the least he could do after fist-bumping Dr. Simckes when the good doctor asked me, "Do you always complain this much?"

To Chip's credit, he did stop short of blowing it up.


  1. He didn't blow it up?!? That's a real shame.

  2. Those last days of waiting are just the worst. I remember how it feels like an eternity. Just try to enjoy your last baby-free days and relish in being able to sleep a whole night through! Good luck, and I will be sending baby-havin' thoughts your way.


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