Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A bum on the bump

I was fortunate enough to see Brennan not once, but twice, over the Thanksgiving holiday. The little monkey gives hugs and the biggest, gooiest open-mouth kisses known to man. And I love every bit of it. Brennan also enjoys making himself comfortable on the bump. If I'm sitting down with Brennan on my lap, he will plop himself right down on top of his cousin. If I'm holding Brennan on my hip, he likes to swing his leg up so it stretches across the top of the bump. Because that's comfortable, I'm sure.

I've never received as much attention from either Buddy or Brennan as I have in the past week. I'm guessing that both Bs are feeling a little threatened by Baby Lindh's impending arrival. Rest easy, boys. You're still my number ones.

Click here for more photos of the little turkey in action.

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