Thursday, October 2, 2008

Look out, he's on a roll

I think I've mentioned before that Chip is a super peppy, super hilarious morning person. I, on the other hand, need a bit of quiet time before I'm ready to communicate with the outer world.

After making several attempts to wake me yesterday, I finally succumbed to Buddy's kisses and rolled out of bed. As we were making the bed, Chip said, "You know, I was thinking. Since it takes you so long to wake up, we might need to start a training regimen so you're ready to get up with the baby. How about this: every two hours during the night you get up, walk into the office, sit in the chair for 30 minutes, and then come back to bed. If we start now, night feedings will be a breeze by the time the baby arrives."

I still wasn't forming words at that point, so I just shot him a look and walked out of the room before he could hear me laughing. No sense in encouraging the boy.


  1. Chip is a real genius sometimes and that was one heck of an idea.

  2. I hate that idea. Chip is stupid.


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