Friday, October 3, 2008

Brian totally does the same thing

Since we last heard from Brennan, he has acquired a number of new talents. He throws the ball back and forth with Brian, grinds his teeth, added "ba ba ba ba" to his repertoire of "ma ma ma ma" sounds, and can take his socks off with his teeth. Yes. That last one is my favorite as well. Brennan perfected this little trick while Sherri and Brian were in Las Vegas last weekend, much to Grandpa and Grandma Jones' delight. Pat and Steve report that Brennan would put his foot in his mouth, pull off his sock, let it hang there and then laugh like a madman. Sadly, this is not a feat he will perform on demand, so there's no video to share. Yet. Give the ham time, I say.

Sherri uploaded a bunch-o-pictures from the past 30 days, so click here to enjoy.

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