Sunday, September 7, 2008

Let's get physical

No one loves to get their ExerSaucer on more than Buddy. If someone could just give him a boost, he's certain that he, too, could benefit from Baby Einstein's interactive toys that "develop sensory and motor skills, and introduce bi-lingual language." Being of Mexican descent, Buddy is obviously fluent in Spanish, but it wouldn't hurt him to brush up on a few key phrases. Someone has to teach Tro to speak in Espanol.

While a number of baby items have found their way into our house, this is the first toy that sits right at Buddy's eye level. Despite the tempting soft parts and the fact that we hit the animal sound buttons whenever he's within earshot, Buddy has shown remarkable restraint. No licks or nibbles, and even better, he hasn't tried to take off with the contraption. We're hoping he'll exhibit the same restraint the first time he meets Tro.

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