Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The good, the bad and the funny

Three things from Chip, over the course of three days.

The good: Thursday evening we had a breastfeeding class at St. John's. (Yes, Sherri, they have classes for these things. Yes, Andy, Chip did go with me.) The class started at 6:00 p.m., so I went straight from work. I was seated in the lobby when Chip arrived, still in his suit and tie. Without saying a word, he walked over, gave me a kiss and pulled a banana out of his coat pocket, which I quickly inhaled. As soon as I finished the banana, he pulled a granola bar out of his other coat pocket. Such a Boy Scout, that one.

The bad: I'm trucking around the house in a T-shirt and these glorious stretch pants my friend Sue lent me. (Seriously, these pants are so awesome that I get sad every time they are in the laundry.) Anyway, I was looking pretty pregnant. So I asked Chip, "Is it weird to see me with a huge pregnant belly?" His response: "Yes. And can you believe it's going to get even bigger?"

The funny: Friday morning I was getting ready for work, and as always I was having an accessories dilemma. I threw on three long beaded necklaces in an attempt to make my white cotton maternity shirt look different from the other five white cotton maternity shirts hanging in my closet. As I studied my reflection, I foolishly asked Chip, "Do these beads look okay?" He quickly responded with, "Sure, they look great. Mardi Gras is only a few months away. Start wearing that shit now. It's time to get the party started." As I left the room, he made a big point of twirling a T-shirt above his head, Girls Gone Wild-style.


  1. When you wrote "pulled a banana out of his pocket" I was really wondering where the heck this post was going to go.

    Anyhoo, something tells me that I would be more horrified after a breastfeeding class than I was after seeing Cape Fear in the theater at 14 years old.

  2. I was waiting to read about he made a "why yes that's a banana in my pants. And you really ARE happy to see me" type of joke.

    "Girls Gone Wild" heehee. Too funny.


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