Monday, September 15, 2008

Country boys

My Uncle Bill and Aunt Bev were kind enough to host the Klostermann clan for a BBQ a few weeks ago. My aunt and uncle live next door to the farm where my mom was raised; my cousin Kris and her family live in what was once my grandparents' home. Everyone in my family simply refers to this compound as "the farm."

Sherri and I were frequent guests at the farm, so summers spent carefully walking around tractors, scaring cows, cutting through pastures and sneaking into the hay loft were second nature to us. It's weird to think that Brennan and Tro will only get to experience these same things when we unceremoniously deposit them on my relatives' front steps.

So, enough about my nostalgia for days on the farm, and on to what you really want: pictures of Brennan. Click here for a Brennan-centric review of the day.

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