Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And that's why I love them

Yes, I am the nerd who reads the comics every morning. I usually only send relevant ones to my family, but now that I have this blog, well, all bets are off. Before you know it, I'll cover this site with pictures of "hang in there!" kitten posters.

Anyway, I particularly enjoyed this comic because while I love my friends and of course they love me, we all know that no woman is going to tell her friend:

"So, I see you got your hair cut. Yeah. Not so good. Why don't you go ahead and give that another try."

No, no. That's so unrealistic. Real friends save those awkward conversations for big issues that can seriously affect someone's future and/or well-being. For example, one of my good friends just sat me down the other day and let rip with this:

"Debbie, I need to talk to you. It's about the chandelier. I cannot believe Chip won't get one for the baby's room. Does he not love this child? I'm really worried about what kind of father he is going to be. Seriously, you really need to decide if you want to bring Tro into an anti-chandelier environment.Whatever you decide, you know we're there for you, should you need to seek refuge in our chandeliered nursery."

Thank heavens I have friends who are willing to have those awkward, yet necessary, conversations.

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