Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The pampered chef

While whipping up a batch of fresh salsa last night with her Pampered Chef food chopper, my sister realized that Brennan is insanely delighted by this particular kitchen gadget. Sherri would chop, chop, chop, and Brennan would just laugh like crazy. Sherri promptly called both my mom and I so we could bask in the sound of his laugh. I am admittedly head over heels for the boy, but honestly, there isn't anything better than the sound of Brennan's laughter. It has a very consistent, hiccup-like quality which makes it, of course, the laugh of a genius.

Anyway, this little discovery benefits me in two ways. One, Sherri can get Brennan to laugh on demand for his Crazy Aunt Debbie. Two, Chip is constantly giving me grief about the seemingly endless stream of kitchen gadgets that find their way into our cabinets and drawers. Now that I know you can substitute a food chopper for a drum or a pastry scraper for, say, a shovel, well, I'm sorry, but that's one less toy we'll have to buy for this baby.

Somewhere, Chip is nodding his head in agreement, pleased that he married a money-saving genius. Who cooks.

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  1. No joke: Sophie will play with coasters and empty paper towel rolls she calls "bonk heads"
    Toys are SO 80s:)


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