Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Love the loops

When my mom was last in Kansas City, she almost purchased some Fruit Loops for Brennan, but didn't want to usurp Sherri's authority. Fruit Loops were the Thole girl finger-food of choice, as they predated the little star-shaped cereal snacks kids get today. Apparently Sherri thinks mom did an okay job with us, because she approved the loops, rationalizing that if Brennan wouldn't eat them, Brian certainly would.

It would appear Brian won't be enjoying Fruit Loops anytime soon, as we seem to have a Toucan Sam on our hands. Sherri said Brennan crams the loops into his mouth as fast as he can, but it's still hard to tell if he actually eats any. Every time he opens his mouth to pop one in, another falls out. The best part, of course, is that when the Fruit Loops start flying, Hunter and Holly furiously circle the high chair, anxious to get a taste of the fruity goodness. As Buddy will tell you, hope springs eternal when it comes to people food.

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