Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life with the lady is hard

Just when we decide yes, Buddy would definitely leave us for the next squirrel that scampers by, he goes and does something cute like this.

I was reading in the middle room one night last week and Chip came in to talk to me for awhile. Buddy then decided the love seat was where he simply must rest his weary Lab bones -- couch, chair, ottoman and carpet be damned. Chip accommodated him because, really, there's no way we can say no to The Face when he chooses to honor us with his presence. I was just getting ready to say, wow, he really does like us, when Chip brought me back to reality with, "You know he doesn't want to cuddle. He just wants to dominate."

Oh well, you take what the Lab gives you and you like it.

It didn't take long before both the boys dozed off, and I was able to get this picture. The flash woke them up and they were none too pleased. Tough cookies, boys. It was time for bed, anyway.

Click here for a few more of Buddy's summer adventures, most of which involve food or collapsing on the floor in a hairy heap.

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