Thursday, August 28, 2008

The conductor

Work is all kinds of silly this week, so I apologize to my little Brennan bear for not posting this earlier. After two days passed and there was no post in sight, Sherri called and told me that Brennan wanted to know where his video was, and didn't I think he was cute on his new Thomas the Train toy? Insensitive aunt that I am, I replied, "Well, maybe Brennan should ask his mom why she doesn't have her own blog."

So! I think we know who's the boss of this blog, and it's not Tony Danza. And it's certainly not my mouthy younger sister. That's right, Sherri. I am the ruler of my blog, and I rule with an iron fist.

All sisterly bickering aside, I do feel bad for not sharing earlier because really, it's not fair to deny people the cuteness that is Brennan. Click here for more photos and another video of the little man choo-chooing his way through the house. Apparently now that he's had a taste of the train-riding life, Brennan gets a little mad when people stop pushing him on his toy. As in "scream your head off to the point that your parents wonder if they can train the dogs to push you" mad. And that's why I love the boy.

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  1. I love when Brennan comes flying by and then goes out of frame. He's making good time on old Thomas. Hysterical.


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