Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Angelina Jolie in my womb

During the ultrasound portion of Tuesday's check-up, our doctor noted that Tro has some big lips. He even zeroed in on that part of the baby's face so we could see for ourselves. I must admit that I couldn't really tell, but I'll take Dr. Simckes' word for it.

Being me, I have taken what was an offhand comment and turned it into my latest obsession. Are they freakishly large lips? Wide, tall or both? Full or thin? Are we talking Joker-like proportions? Will the baby grow into the lips?

If Tro is a boy, people will say, "Oh, look at those luscious lips. Just wasted on a boy." If it's a girl, however, I guess we won't have to pony up for Restylane injections when she's in high school.

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  1. I totally remember feeling the same way during ultrasounds -- like "is that what my baby really looks like?" Good thing they turn out way cuter . . . yours will too! :)


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