Monday, July 14, 2008

Methinks Tro is on the move

For three days now I've had this strange fluttering feeling in my belly. Like the missed period that started the whole shebang, I attributed the signs to lack of sleep, nerves and possibly the chili I had for lunch on Saturday. I am all about the rationalization.

Since this has been going on for three days now without any other side effects, I'm guessing that I can finally feel the avocado-sized bambino moving around a bit. It's totally weird, and something I assume a handful of Smooth Dissolve Tums won't fix.


  1. That's great; so fun and the ONLY thing I missed about being pregnant.

  2. Just wait until the fluttering becomes a foot in your ribs. Ha!

    In all excited for you. You can't understand how amazing it truly is to feel the baby move until you experience it. Smile.


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