Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just one word: plastics

I came across this article while reading Time, which Chip lovingly refers to as a leftist rag. If you don't want to read the piece, the gist of the article is that all plastics are bad ... but wait, we're not 100% sure. Well, we're pretty sure, so just to be safe, you shouldn't use anything with plastic.

Come again? I agree that there's too much plastic junk in the landfills and I'm all for avoiding toxins, but how, pray tell, would you like me to get my food stuffs and toiletries home? And once I have them home, shall I keep them in glass jars?

The good news is that some plastics are better than others. Not good, I'm sure, but better. I already recycle plastics with a one or a two on the bottom, and luckily those seem to be on most of what we use. But I guess for my next trick, I'll have to start checking for the numbers three and seven on anything I buy. But what if the shampoo or food product I simply must have comes with a three or a seven on the container? I'm not sure I'll have the resolve to put it down and get on with my life. For instance, I just checked and the sugar-free chocolate pudding snack packs Tro likes so much have a stupid seven on the bottom. What the hell am I going to do now? Make my own pudding?

The other thing this article recommends is avoiding canned foods, especially acidic ones like tomatoes. Oh, and plastic shower liners. I'm sure I can come up with some tomato alternative when chili season rolls around, but how am I supposed to keep my pretty outer shower curtain dry? I'd love to write the piece's author and suggest he provide links to stores that provide such products, but I guess that would take away from that journalistic integrity thing they were always talking about in school.

UPDATE: I just checked the St. Louis curbside recycling site, and now they will apparently take any plastics numbered one through seven, with the exception of six. Don't ask me what six did wrong. The good news is that I can now alleviate any guilt I feel about buying and using threes and sevens by turning around and recycling those toxic containers. And just like that, all is well. Jell-o snack packs for everyone!

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