Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Good morning, fans

Sherri and Brennan were in town this past Friday and Saturday for a whirlwind visit. The time we spent together, however, was quite eventful. Seven month olds like to keep things exciting. Friday night Brennan decided to toss some regurgitated squash on his freshly pressed white oxford mere minutes before we were supposed to leave, which meant that he rode in the car in a T-shirt and diaper while his damp oxford dried. When we arrived at our destination, Sherri realized that in her haste to wash Brennan's shirt she forgot to pack diapers. So, off to the grocery store we went. While Sherri purchased the diapers, I prepped Brennan for a parking lot diaper and clothing change. Eventually, we made it to our destination. Nothing like an adorable little boy to make everyone forget that you're an hour late.

Brennan's cuteness, however, did not keep Sherri from receiving her first parenting critique from none other than our 11-year-old cousin Allison. It went a little something like this:

Allison: I want to see Brennan before we leave.

Sherri: Okay, I think Uncle Denis took him outside for a bit. Let's go find them. (opens one door and looks outside) Nope, not there. (starts walking down the hall) Maybe they're on the other side.

Allison: Wow, it must be really scary when you don't even know where you baby is.

Apparently Sherri could learn a lot from the baby-sitting class Allison recently completed.

Brennan then decided to cap off the night with a massive blowout and a no-sleep-til-10 o'clock strike. I'm telling you, the boy knows how to do it up right.

Click here for a few pictures I snapped before they left for the airport on Saturday.

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