Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Farewell, old friends

There is one thing that I brought to the marriage that Chip can't stand: my blue Adidas sandals. Well, there are probably a lot of things that test his patience, but this is an actual object that drives him insane.

For the past two years he has begged, threatened and cajoled, but as much as I love new things, I love my Adidas sandals more. I purchased them before my first year of college for use as shower shoes. I soon learned that they offered so much more than just a safety barrier between my feet and a damp tile floor. I wore them in Carmen at Eastern, Lathrop at Mizzou, the Alpha Chi house and beyond. When I graduated, they came to Highland and then St. Louis with me. Apparently life in the big city was tough, because it was during my stint on Eichelberger that they developed their first tear. But the sandals and I soldiered on, tears be damned.

They looked horrendous, but they were just so darned comfortable. The tears increased in size and occasionally I stubbed my toe when the front part of the foot would bend underneath the rest of the sandal. They were also responsible for quite a few of my falls up and down the stairs. And yet I was loathe to give them up.

A few weeks ago I slipped them on and took Buddy for a stroll around the neighborhood, and as I tripped my way around Shaw, I realized that it was time to terminate our relationship. So the search began. I checked out the Nike and Adidas options, only to be disappointed by either the bubbled insole, the color or the fit. I know, I know. Ironic, considering I could barely keep the Adidas sandals on my feet. I finally settled on a pair of heavy duty nylon Polo flip-flops, and have been wearing them around the house for the past three weeks. But yet I couldn't bring myself to toss the Adidas sandals, because really, can't you always use a back-up in case something happens to the 20 other pairs of flip-flops in the closet? I finally tired of pushing the old sandals around the bottom of the closet, and on Sunday I presented Chip with the prettiest sight he ever did see -- my sandals in the bottom of the garbage can.

The things you do for love. And arch support.


  1. This is a sad day. I've seen you wear these beauties for over 10 years now! This is quite a break-up tragedy!!!

  2. Thanks, Sue, now I'm totally regretting my decision. Good thing trash pick-up was Tuesday, or I would be dumpster diving instead of typing this.


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