Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eight is great

In honor of Brennan's eight month birthday, I bring you not one, but two fabulous photo sets. It's a big day for all of B's fans.

Speaking of big, Sherri informed me last week that Brennan is almost 20 lbs. Let's hear it for hearty German stock. I just hope that all of this crawling business doesn't cause him to lose his adorably round sausage legs or the dimples in his hands. Even though I've been enamored with Brennan from the get go, I think the past few months have been some of his cutest. I don't know if it's the smiles, the babbling or the way he grabs onto your hand, but I'm positively smitten.

Go on, see for yourself. My mom's set is here, and Sherri's set is here.

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  1. Oh your nephew is adoreable! Cuteness overload!

    Your pup will love your baby. (congrats by the way!) It took me awhile to realize that our Abbeydog looks at our son like he's HER little pup. Cracks me up when she barks at him for running in the house or jumping on the couch.


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