Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boastfest of champions

Chip and his buddies Jeff, Tyler and Matt played in a charity golf tournament this past Sunday. Which charity, Chip does not know. Something about football scholarships. You know, a cause near and dear to all of their hearts since they all played football in high school and college. Oh, wait. No. Chip was the only one to play football, and that was for the Parkway West Longhorns. Basically, the guys just like to hang out and play golf, and if they can say, "it's for charity," well, then, all the better.

Chip returned from the tournament around 8 p.m. on Sunday. I asked how he played, and he said, "We won." Let's just say I didn't do a good job of hiding my surprise. "The whole thing? Matt and Jeff played, right?" I quickly recovered with, "I mean, I didn't even think they liked golf." My next question, of course was, "What did you win?"

For the rest of the night, I heard all about how fortunate I was to live with a golfing champion, and how he was going to take me out to a "nice steak dinner" to celebrate his success. Using the Carmine's gift certificate he won, of course. I played along, and told him that this is great and I'm oh-so-very proud, but the bragging must end tomorrow. Little did I know that his buddies would pick up where Chip left off.

I received this message from Matt on Monday:

I was on today and failed to see anything in regards to our first place finish at the golf tournament yesterday. I found this very upsetting. Chip, Tyler, Jeff and I worked really hard to finish first so we could take the loves of our lives out to a nice dinner. Please send me an email when you update your blog. I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

Which was quickly followed by a message from Tyler:

Chip didn’t have one drink yesterday and spoke only once. When I asked him what was wrong he said “I really want to win this one for Debbie. She really deserves a night out at Carmine’s and I want to do this for her and my future child.”

We (Matt, Jeff and I) started to refer to the golf display he was putting on as "The Show for Tro." Birdies from his putter were flying left and right. It was quite inspiring and blog material for sure.

I laughed so hard I started crying. Show for Tro? That's pretty good. As entertaining as their emails were, Tyler's photo creation (above) sealed the deal. I had no choice but to post about their victory.

So there you have it. I am married to a comedian and a champion. And not only that, but his friends are comedians and champions as well -- with mad photo editing skills, to boot.


  1. That might be the first picture Tyler has ever made without my head on it. I can't believe I didn't even make the top of a trophy or anything!

  2. OMG - this is too funny. Some things never change....


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