Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One more day until dishwasher bliss

For the past two weeks we have been without a dishwasher or garbage disposal while waiting for our new countertops to be cut and installed. Major drama. The paint is chipped from the removal, and despite Buddy's best attempts to clean the plates before washing, something is blocking the drain. I know what you're thinking: It's a wonder they're still married. I mean, really. Everyone knows Chip and I don't do so well with things being out of place.

When Chip and my dad first removed the counter tops, for five days straight we used our downstairs bathroom as a dish washing station until Chip could get the sink/counter top combo back upstairs and the water line reattached. In case you were wondering, washing dishes in a pedestal sink is about as fun as it sounds. However, I do have a greater appreciation for the deep windowsills in these old houses. Not only are they beautiful, they make killer drying racks. Despite our powder room's best attempt at pulling double duty, we knew the kitchen/bathroom combo had to go when our friend Andy asked, "Mind if I take a leak in your kitchen?"

The sink was reinstalled the next day, and the real joy of hand washing dishes began. Every time Chip or I opened a drawer or cabinet, we would pause and contemplate whether or not using a spoon, bowl, plate or glass was truly necessary. I thought Chip might lose it the day I came home with a week's worth of Gladware containers. (By the way, that was such a Denis move on my part. My dad would deposit his Tupperware containers on the counter each Friday, and it totally drove my mom nuts.) I reasoned that I was saving money by bringing leftovers; Chip said he would have happily given me the money to eat out every day.

Luckily, our dish-soap conservation will cease tomorrow night, as my dad is coming over to help Chip reattach the water lines, garbage disposal and dishwasher. I can't decide if I'm more excited about the granite, or about having a fully operational kitchen. Of course, this means I'll have to start cooking again.

Many thanks to the Red Baron for seeing us through this trying time.

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