Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The nephew has an announcement

Hear ye, hear ye. The nephew would like it to be known that Baby Lindh is on the way. Brennan will get a brand-spanking new cousin in late December. Let's hear it for that last-minute tax deduction!

To make the announcement truly blog-worthy, Sherri made a sign, Brennan obliged with a pose and Grandpa Steve provided some behind-the-camera assistance to make sure Brennan hammed it up. Here are few more shots from the photo session. Brennan knocked it out in a few shots, which is pretty impressive considering the little guy has a double-ear infection.

Back to the Lindh baby. Moving forward, you will probably be hearing more about the baby-to-be. Fear not, Brennan fans -- I will still give his handsomeness plenty of press. Besides, I think we'd all rather look at pictures of Brennan rather than ultrasound images. Anyway, so there's no confusion, I'll be referring to the little lime inside of me (apparently that's the size of the baby this week) as Tro. For those of you who don't know, Chip is actually George Charles Lindh III. His dad is the second (junior, actually), which is why we affectionately refer to him as Dos. So, because of the crazy Lindh name game and the fact that we like to use what little Spanish we know, Chip and I have always referred to any future children we might have as Cuatro -- Tro for short. Chip was really rooting for Cletus the Fetus, but then I pointed out that Tro the Embryo has a nice ring to it.

So, there you have it. Team Botanical will soon be a family of four, and Buddy will be a big brother. I guess I should adjust the heading on this blog.


  1. Congrats. Tro... I like it. Easier to say than Little Jesus Easy ChaChiChi too!

    By the way, I'm headed to Randall's Wine and Spirits. Do you want me to pick you up anything? Oh, wait... Never mind.

  2. Justin, taunting a pregnant woman who loves her wine is like messing with an angry badger. Just ask Chip. This baby better be smart, because I sure do miss the sauce.

  3. I would have DIED if I would have found out about this pregnancy by reading it on your blog! I'm so glad that the world knows now!!!

  4. Fear not, Debbie. As with my pregnancy, I'm sure Justin will be happy to drink what you can not. We don't want Randall's to experience a sales dip just because Tro is on the way.


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