Thursday, June 19, 2008

Escape attempt, take one

Perhaps Chip and I were a little too optimistic in thinking that Buddy would be on board with this baby thing. We reasoned that since he ignores us, what's one more person to ignore? He discourages petting and only cuddles because he likes furniture versus the floor, so we really thought he was a prime candidate for being a great four-legged big brother.

Well, tonight he saw his chance for blessed baby-free freedom and took it.

Around dusk, Buddy and I headed out to do some watering in the front yard. Typically I do the dirty work while Buddy surveys his domain from the porch. I was wrapping up the watering when I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. Strolling by was the tan and white cat that roams the neighborhood. I dropped the hose and was heading over to grab Buddy when he rocketed off the porch and went tearing across the street after the cat. My heart raced as I took off after them in my flip-flops, yelling Buddy's name and thinking of how he was wearing a collar, but no tag. Oh, and I also thought of how great it would be to greet Chip after his class and tell him, "Hey, I lost the dog, but the good news is that this baby won't be mobile for the first year, so no problem."

Of course, the cat went to the one house on our block that doesn't have a gated and fenced yard. Seriously, couldn't the cat have picked a nice dead-end gangway? I reached the alley and was trying to decide which way to go when Buddy came careening around the corner. He knew he was in hot water, but I somehow grabbed his collar and managed to drag him across the street. I released him once we were in our yard, and he cruised up to the stairs like we do this every night.

We're in the house now and the doors are locked, so there will be no more escape attempts tonight. He keeps following me everywhere, but we're still not speaking. Just wait until his father gets home.

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