Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thanksgiving in a jar

At Brennan's six-month appointment, the pediatrician told Sherri and Brian that Brennan could start eating baby meat. After clarifying that baby meat doesn't mean veal or lamb chops, Sherri zipped over to the grocery store and picked up some tasty pureed meat for Baby B. I must admit, the thought of pureed turkey or beef makes me want to gag. The same holds true for my sister, which is why she opted for the sweet potato and turkey mix, a.k.a. Thanksgiving in a jar. Brennan is a big fan. He's not so sure about the cereal puffs Sherri also introduced this week, but Hunter and Holly are really enjoying the ones he throws on the floor. They're thinking this baby thing might work out to their advantage after all.

I guess meat eating also means that Brennan is ready for the high chair, because Sherri rolled that out this week as well. Click here to see more of little B in a big chair.

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