Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The parenting practice sampler special

Last Friday Chip and I took his cousin Erika's little girls to the St. Margaret of Scotland church and school picnic at Tower Grove Park. Yes indeed, we were responsible for a four-year-old and a two-and-a-half-year-old for two whole hours. In a public setting, with cars and people and everything. It was one part fun, one part terrifying.

Oh my word, do those kids ever move fast! How do you keep track of two kids amidst a sea of other fair-haired children? Why does every single child sounds the same? (Squeaky. They sound squeaky.) How do you have a conversation with someone when you're trying to keep one charge's fingers out of the carefully decorated desserts, and the other child from overfilling her cup of lemonade? Most importantly, I noticed it's nearly impossible to hold -- much less drink -- a beer when you're fetching cookies, keeping kids in line and trying to decide between face painting or balloon animals. And no, Isabella, both is not an option. But I respect the fact that you tried.

Keep in mind that Isabella and Sofia are great kids who actually play along and let us think we're in charge. Sure, Sofia stalked off across the field when told she had to wait in line, and Isabella melted down when I denied her cheese balls, but that's not so bad. Really, my concern is for Chip and me when the charges are actually our own and we can't return them after two hours. Especially when the person who is supposed to be backing you up is a total pushover and forks over the previously-refused cheese balls at the first sign of a whimper. That's right, Chip is the weak link. I think the girls can smell his fear.

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