Friday, May 30, 2008

My hero

Yesterday as Chip cruised down I-44, he noticed that the small truck and trailer ahead of him was fishtailing and weaving in and out of its lane. The truck then spun around, slammed into another car and scattered its load of 2x12 pieces of wood all over the road. Luckily, no one was hurt and all of the traffic behind the cars was able to stop in time. My heroic husband jumped out of his car, checked on the people in the affected cars and then he and the other motorists quickly started moving the 2x12s to the side of the road. So brave! So strong!

Of course, it took about three tellings of this story before I received an accurate account of what happened. Chip does love his tall tales, and he enjoys nothing more than getting me caught up in one of them. In the first telling, his role as a "first responder" had him calling 911, pulling people out of cars, providing first aid and barking orders to his fellow motorists. The second round had him moving the 2x12s off the road by himself and then waving his necktie around to direct traffic. And by the third round, finally, the truth (available in the first paragraph).

Digging for the real story did get tiring, but since Chip jumped to a stranger's aid without giving it a second thought, I guess I can't begrudge him an embellishment here and there.

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  1. You're nuts if you don't think I will be bringing this up at the ball game tonight. I'll wait until we've had a few cold ones though; he can tell tall tales and I will just be loud.


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