Friday, May 23, 2008

Mad love for lists

After last weekend's schedule, Chip and I are looking forward to a low-key Memorial Day weekend. This is not to say we will be sunning and getting sauced in the backyard while Buddy manages the squirrel population. Well, there will be saucing, but only after careful review of THE LIST and completion of a predetermined number of tasks. Maybe this will be the weekend when we cross off so many tasks that Chip will be forced to consolidate and rewrite THE LIST. One can dream.

I don't know exactly what Chip's mental to-do list looks like, but here's mine:
  • Friday: Clean the house. I love starting the weekend with a clean house. I know, I know. I am way too lame for my 32 years. I do miss the days when Friday meant a happy hour followed by aimless exploration of various watering holes, but darn it if a clean house doesn't get me equally buzzed. Once the house is clean, I will convince Chip that he wants Mexican for dinner.
  • Saturday Morning: Walk Buddy up to the Tower Grove Farmers' Market to see what's available. Hopefully I can get my hands on some fresh lettuce. Again with the lameness, I know. But you must admit that locally-raised produce is delicious. And Buddy loves to soak up the admiring glances of the other dogs and their owners.
  • Saturday Afternoon: Weed out the house plants and fill empty pots with annuals. I'm sorry, fellas, but your time has come. And I need color, which sadly, house plants cannot provide. I will then douse the outdoor potted plants with a mixture of water and cayenne pepper in an attempt to keep the squirrels from digging.
  • Saturday Evening: Head over to a BBQ with some neighbors on the next block. Most of the people on our street are either 50+ or kinda kooky, so we're all jazzed about the abundance of seemingly normal 30-somethings on Shenandoah.
  • Sunday: Church, brunch, paper reading and smoking something on the Weber. I have a hankering for ribs, and nothing says summer like some saucy slow-cooking goodness.
  • Monday: My parents are coming over to help with a few house projects. Chip is great at fixing things, but I'm not quite so dependable, and some tasks require two able bodies. Luckily, I am authorized to offer up my Dad's services in such cases. Thank heavens for the Denis card. The weekend barbecuing will then conclude with the ultimate summer small-town delicacy: pork steaks.

So, since there is a purpose to Memorial Day beyond grilling and gardening, I would be remiss if I didn't thank our uncles and family friends who served in previous wars, as well as Chip's cousin Alexander who is stationed at Ft. Hood following his year-plus stint in Iraq.

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  1. We took Owen and Anna Lee to the TG market on Saturday morning. I was hoping to see you, but we were running way behind our usual Saturday morning schedule. Note: two kids is harder than one. I should have thought about that back in September.


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