Monday, May 19, 2008

Give my people a post

It's been a week between Brennan posts, and Baby B is not happy. I'm sure the same holds true for the Thole and Jones families. But enough about them, he says.

Brennan made it through his most recent photo session with flying colors. Apparently at one point he got tired of lying on his stomach and holding up his head, so he collapsed in a wailing heap. I don't think that's so bad considering there were two outfit changes. Chip pretty much has the same reaction whenever I ask him to change his outfit.

In other Brennan news, the tooth count is holding at two, but he now laughs on demand. Sherri sent me a video this weekend, and in it you can hear her saying, "Laugh. Laugh! LAUGH!" followed by the cutest laugh ever. Of course, Brennan was then distracted by some shiny object on his exersaucer, but these things happen.

Click here for a few more from Sunday, or start here if you want to see a few additional pictures from last week.

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  1. He is just adorable!! I love his overalls too! Man that smile is contagious!


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