Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We were that table

So, dinner Friday night. As I mentioned earlier, we went to Revival with Anne and Bob Fleming, who, in addition to being Clare's parents, are also foodies. And wine connoisseurs. Bonus for us, as dinners at their house are always a delight and we never have to select the wine when we go out to eat. But back to Revival.

The inside of Revival is 95% identical to how it was when King Louie's inhabited the spot not so long ago. This is fine with me, as I love the space. The menu is more rustic, but Bob gave the wine list a thumb's up and my scallops were quite delicious. Also, kudos to whoever decided to top a salad with a poached egg and warm vinaigrette. Delish. Sadly, our server left something to be desired. Among other things, it took her forever to get to our table, she failed to mention that we needed to order sides to go with our entrees, and she had to read the specials from her note pad. Call me snobbish, fine, but when you're at a nice(r) restaurant you tend to expect certain things. I don't need the server to necessarily recite the entire menu to me a la Sidney Street, I just think that by the time 9:30 PM rolls around she might have committed a few things to memory.

So, while Anne was all, "I knew King Louie's, and you, sir, are no King Louie's," I have hope. I'm all about giving restaurants second chances, especially when they're so close to our house. However, if they wrong me again, I might join Anne in blasting them on Sauce.

Oh, before I forget -- the "we were that table" headline? Yeah, we were that table. The loud table. The table that gets looks. What can I say? We were all at various happy hours beforehand, it was 9:30 before we ate a thing and Anne and I are what some might call loud talkers. I make no apologies! Especially since we didn't realize it at the time. Well, apparently, Anne did, but I'm sure she thought the lady was turning around to get a look at our two neurotic fingernail-chewing husbands and the women who enable them by picking up coins, buttons and collar stays off the floor.

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